Robot Rumpus

Robot Rumpus

Sean Taylor

Andersen Press
HB ISBN 9781849396288

My mum and dad are busy. So just last night they said, "We decided to buy these robots, to get you into bed."

I thought they must be joking. But dad switched the robots on. Mum said, "They're the latest models. What could possibly go wrong?"


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"I can't say who enjoyed this story more, myself or the children. We were all in stitches and the children had tears streaming down their faces as they laughed so hard I can only be thankful they had been to the loo before story time. The story itself is brilliant, told in a delightful rhyming text. The pictures are perfectly matched, illustrating each scene so that a child could appreciate the story from the pictures alone. Ross Collins has really brought the whole story to life with his beautiful, colourful illustrations, certain to enchant any child. I can't imagine any child who wouldn't enjoy this story, whether they like robots or not. It is simply one of the funniest children's books we have ever found. This is one of those books you just have to get completely involved in, using robotic voices and movements, crying out shrill alarms, and everyone joining in to shout out the parents scream of dismay. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Your children will love it."
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Robot Rumpus Robot Rumpus Robot Rumpus Robot Rumpus

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