Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day
One Day Daddy (US)


Hyperion (US)
UK HB ISBN 0-7475-5016-6
UK PB ISBN 0-7475-5569-9
US HB ISBN 0786807326

Maybe One Day

Little Monster is back! But he's not staying long as he decides to tour the galaxy. However, this brings a worry, a worry that he is going to leave home and travel away all on his own leaving Mother and Father Monster behind. But Little Monster soon realises that travelling away does not mean losing touch and even though it may be a little scary sometimes, you do have to do scary things when you are growing up. A story full of the warmth of paternal love and the joys of growing independence.

"Witty, striking and reassuring, this is an oddity to treasure." Sunday Times

"This amiable "What if" tale may well encourage the imaginations of even prudent youngsters while bolstering a fledgling feeling of independence." Publishers Weekly

"Blasts of colour soar across the pages, letting the exploration go beyond the margins of the text."
School Library Journal

Maybe One Day Maybe One Day

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